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Your partner for innovative cleanliness in food and beverage production.


your partner for innovative cleanliness in food and beverage production.

safety: How can I produce more safely?

Economics: How can I produce more economically?

Environment: How can I expand green production?



Whichever strategy you apply to balance the various challenges of modern liquid food- and food-production hygiene - THONHAUSER is your best partner!


Because for more than 35 years we have been striving for best hygiene in the food industry and have been developing high-performance cleaning detergents and tailored packages for the entire processing hygiene. We do this by focusing on making products which are SAFE to apply, deliver VERIFYABLE cleaning results and hence increase your PRODUCT SAFETY and which can be applied in an EFFICIENT and GREEN way.

The experienced THONHAUSER-experts and our 40 international corporate partners in 25 countries assist you with your specific needs by providing personal and competent consulting. Of course we help you through all challenges relating to "hygiene" with total product safety and cooperative guidance.


Our service package comprises:



  - verifications

  - staff-training

  - technical service

  - audit-preparation and preparation of hygiene plans and HACCP-concepts

  - consulting based on substantiated know-how & our year-long, active collaboration in international industry-boards



  - together with our partner, AFCO, we supply high quality cleaning and disinfection detergents for all industries

  - chemicals and measuring instruments based on the patented PST-colour indication


Your THONHAUSER team is looking forward to hearing from you:




We are pleased to announce that AFCO has acquired Thonhauser GMBH and Thonhauser USA, Inc. Thonhauser GMBH will become a subsidiary of the European Entity, AFCO C&S, LTD and Thonhauser USA will become a division of the US entity, Alex C. Fergusson, LLC. Find out more.