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Thonhauser also plans, projects and offers concepts for hygiene, always considering the specific requirements of the respective company or plant, the environmental issues, and the required hygiene status.

Hygiene trainings for employees or the preparation of HACCP concepts for all fields of the food & beverage industry are part of the process.

- Filling systems                                                 

- Foam cleaning of surfaces

- Pipe and tube systems

- Employee hygiene

- CIP-methode for tanks and containers

- Cooling water cycles

- Conveyor lubrication

- Manual treatment of fittings an other parts

- Transport box-cleaning


For more than 40 years we have been striving for best hygiene in the food-industry and have been developing high-performance cleaning detergents and tailored packages for the entire processing hygiene.

This is only possible with a strong, experienced team, where each one will attend to your specific hygiene needs with personal and competent consultation. Our sales team is here to assist you any time.