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Welcome to the research and developement centre of THONHAUSER!


For decades, THONHAUSER has been cultivating a tradition of innovation. As a result, we regularly launch highly intelligent, amazingly easy to use inventions that satisfy our customers again and again – and have been receiving numerous reseach awards.

Our worldwide patented key technologies function as the back-bone of our most successful TM-products and guarantee highest standards of food-production hygiene.

The path from an idea to an invention through to a true innovation is not left to chance at THONHAUSER. Our clearly defined ‚stage gate’ process allows a structured analysis and evaluation of complex ideas that are put forward by our employees, partners and customers.

Under the direction of Dr. Daniel Herzog, our development team develops small, large and groundbreaking innovations that help our customers to meet the ever-increasing hygiene requirements.


Dr. Daniel Herzog

Head of Development