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Quickly check the hygiene status of small components or small areas

TM SMART SWABS are sterile swabs which themselves do not react with the indicator solution (eg TM DESANA MAX or TM SMART ADD 12). If a soiled area is swayed and the swab is then inserted into the indicator solution, it will change its colour within a few minutes and the degree of soiling can be evaluated using TM puriSCOPE.

And that's how easy it is:

  • Fill 2 TM puriSCOPE test bottles with fresh, purple TM DESANA MAX solution
  • Moisten TM SMART SWAB swab with distilled water
  • Brush the inside of the dispensing tap, coupler or any other small component with the swab
  • Place the swab in one of the test bottles filled with TM DESANA MAX FP solution
  • Let dwell for 5 minutes
  • Remove swab: solution has changed colour if surface was contaminated
  • Use TM puriSCOPE to measure the samples as instructed
  • In the TM puriSCOPE app, select the measurement method "SURFACE" and enter the measured PST SURFACE VALUE (enter value 4cm2 in the field 'area')
  • The app calculates the corresponding PST SURFACE VALUE, which indicates the result in relation to the swabbed surface size

If you have any questions, please contact your Thonhauser/AFCO representative!

Michael Liebl

Western-Austria, Bavaria, Northern Italy, Switzerland

DI Tino Reikerstorfer

Austria, Worldwide