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Our products have been tested and approved by some of the most renowned companies as well as independent institutes





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"PST visualizes the quality of the cleaning process! And when counting on quality it's not only important to talk about it, but to show it, too. With the change of color PST makes this possible - clean lines allow for high quality of your products!"

- Gregor Blaser, former director of gastronomical services, CARLSBERG/Feldschloesschen, Switzerland



"With PST, we finally have both a solution for a quick visual control of the hygienic state of our dispensing systems as well as the reliability, as we can immediately check the cleaning results."

- Peter Lahn, Head of customer service, Forst brewery, Italy



ANTON PAAR recommends TM DESANA for verifiable cleaning and disinfection of its instruments.


New Belgium Brewery, Fort Collins Co approved several line cleaning products and verification products.



"We have been using TM DESANA products since the early 90's and where the first to use TM DESANA MAX exclusively to clean our dispensing systems nationwide. The colour change effect ensures that our systems are in perfect hygienic condition after each cleaning, which helps enhancing the quality of our draught beers and dispensed beverages. We also appreciate the light mono-dose packaging of TM DESANA MAX CL which gives us cost control and makes it safe to handle and cost-efficient to store. TM DESANA is also a Heineken approved cleaning detergent."

- Helmut Paulitsch, HEINEKEN INTERNATIONAL, Chairman of the Draught Beer Council, CCE Commercial Performance Management



"I spent 25 years in the cleaning and sanitation business servicing mainly beverage industry. And there, we always emphasized the importance of verifying cleanness using best methods at the time, rinse water micro testing, atp etc.

Through all those years, I saw very few new technologies emerge from the C&S chemical industry. When I first saw the THONHAUSER PST I thought: 'This is new!' it made a lot of sense to me based on my experience. And I wanted to be part of this!"

- Steve Ryan, Former director of international accounts, Diversey USA