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1978: Company foundation by Manfred and Brigitte Thonhauser

Manfred Thonhauser studied Fermentation Technology in Vienna, worked as a brewmaster for the Vienna Brewery Schwechat and helped establishing a cleaning chemical company in Europe before taking a big step towards entrepreneurship. “Cleanliness as the main principle” was his attitude and vision. Therefore no way was too narrow and no tank was too small.


1985: The Austrian winemarket changes

After the inglorious wine scandal Manfred Thonhauser saw the opportunity to establish the Austrian wine as a top quality product in the market. As the very first company in Austria Thonhauser provided tailor made hygiene concepts for quality wineries. That´s how he created one of the main pillars of the later international success of the Austrian wine.


1990: First laboratory

Thonhauser expands and moves to a new office in Perchtoldsdorf, Vienna, comprising a laboratory for microbiology and analytics. The activities in the Austrian wine industry are increasing. Also in 1990, Manfred Thonhauser employs the first trainee and Oenologist Mr. Peter Derkits and starts to create a strong competence center for wineries. Later on, Peter successfully manages the entire division of Oenology for Thonhauser. 


1991: First patent

Manfred Thonhauser creates a patent for the Singulox process and introduces  the concept of chlorine free wine cellar hygiene. The still highly demanded TM BIPUR, TM BISTERIL and TM TARTAREX are brought to market.


1994: First innovation award

Manfred and Brigitte are proudly accepting their first Innovation award for the development of the Concept of Chlorine free Cellar Hygiene.



1995: Cooperation with LALLEMAND

Thonhauser starts the cooperation with Lallemand and introduces selected dry yeast enzymes and bacteria exclusively to the Austrian wine industry

1997: Next generation

One of eth sons of the founder, Philip Thonhauser, decides to join the parent company. Based on the experience of his father in the filed of hygiene of breweries and beverage manufacturers, Philip starts to focus on the niche segment of Beverage Dispensing Hygiene. New ideas for the visualization of impurities are born. 


1998: Thonhauser becomes international

Start of the Cooperation with Franz Mathes in Germany. Together with Mathes starts the successful market development in one of the most important Beer markets in the world

2000: Patent Farbtechnologie PST

The first patent for the PST color change technology has been granted. This patent constitutes the beginning of the Thonhauser as the industry expert for Inline-Color-Verification! 


The worldwide first, chlorine free cleaner for dispensing systems in powder form with Color Indicator is produced and packed! The especially dedicated mixer for that product is named MAX, the name of Philip Thonhauser’s fist new born son!

5.png  6.png 

2001: Product launch TM DESANA MAX

First exclusive launch together with BRAU UNION (HEINEKEN Austria)! Kick-off for a successful, global expansion of the product!

2002: Transfer of company leadership

Philip Thonhauser takes over the CEO position from his father Manfred. 


The idea of water free lubrication (first tested in 1996) was introduced to the beverage market with TM SMART TRACK!



Innovation award at the Intervitis-exhibition in Stuttgart for the TM RECOND system: For the first time, used wine barrels (barriques) can be treated to almost-new-condition without harming the wood quality.


2006: Expansion to CHINA

Thonhauser finds the proper partner in China and starts the distribution of TM SMART TRACK.


2008: Sales start in the USA

Thonhauser’s 100% subsidiary (Thonhauser USA, Inc.) starts its operation. One of the daughters of the company’s founder, Julia Singer-Thonhauser, starts to establish sales structure and activities for draught system cleaning in the US.


2009: Expansion of Thonhauser USA, Inc.

A newly created team of Thonhauser-craft brewery-hygiene experts are expanding the activity in the US.



In the same year, the company proudly accepts the 2009 Beverage Innovation Award at Drinktec, winning the price for the best environmental initiative!


2010: puriSCOPE_logo_color_567x60px.jpg

The worldwide very first MOBILE APP for checking the level of hygiene in Filling plants and beverage dispensing units is presented!


2011: Redesign of the cooperation with LALLEMAND

The successful cooperation with Lallemand started in 1996 continues under a new business model: Lallemand now distributes the TM cleaning agents for wineries, the two companies prolong their partnership!


2012: New head quarters in Gießhübl/Vienna

After 20 years in Perchtoldsdorf, Thonhauser now moves its headquarters to Gießhübl near Vienna,  where the company opens its state-of-the-art laboratory and pilot plant.



New addition to the PST-family of products: The Thonhauser-development team presents TM SMART GEL, the very first surface color-change detection gel with cleaning abilities!


2014: OSCAR-Nominination

Thonhauser’s successful implementation of TM SMART TRACK technology in major US bottling plants is honored by the nomination of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce for the 2014 US-BIZ-AWARD!




Since 2015 THONHAUSER is successfully ISO 9001: 2008 certified. 



2016: AFCO

Philip Thonhauser sells his company to AFCO, his long time trusted partner from the USA.


2017: ZEP

AFCO and THONHAUSER are integrated into the US chemistry manufacturer ZEP, who forms a special food&beverage business unit. Thonhauser innovations like the Thonhauser Persulphate Technologies or the dry lube system TM SMART TRACK are now being made available to its beneficiaries around the globe.