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Mission Statement


Thonhauser is a leading technology company standing for purity and cleanliness.

We research, develop and merchandise trend-stetting technologies and products.

Technologies and Products are standing for purity, optimized processes, responsible usage of resources, quality and safety of the underlying processes and products.

Our customers are manufacturers in the food-, beverage- and pharmaceutical industry.

We inspire our customers with our products and services.

Quality is the result of systematic tasks. We live every single step of planning, performance and monitoring transparently.

We continuously address requirements for improved quality and we are geared to the prevailing certification standards.

Trustworthiness matters to us. We work precisely, reliably and responsibly. We emphasize honest, long lasting and sustainable business relationships.

All fellow employees account for their part to achieve the companies ambitions. Task, Competence and Responsibility are congruent matters. The collaboration and communication is based on correlated respect and support.

Financial success assures our independence and preserved our jobs.

We feel responsible for human and environment.