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TM puriSCOPE is a mobile measurement system to measure the colors of the TM indicator substance TM DESANA MAX FP


Chemicals reveal ifthe lines are clean - TM puriSCOPE shows HOW clean they are!

What for do I need TM puriSCOPE?



  • to record the hygiene condition immediately after cleaning
  • to adapt the cleaning interval to the conditions on site (optimization)


  • to check and document the quality of the dispensing system cleaning (quality control)
  • to ensure that the dispensing system is in perfect condition even during operation


How exactly does TM puriSCOPE measure?

Each color value of the indicator substance TM DESANA MAX FP corresponds exactly to a certain amount of dirt load.  TMpuriSCOPE 'translates' this RGB color value, making a numerical evaluation easier.




How to get the TM puriSCOPE?


The ready-to-use set can be obtained from your local Thonhauser distributor   (Scope of delivery: iPod touch 4G with TM puriSCOPE app as well as complete measuring kit for sampling and evaluation).

worldwide partners 


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Bianca Beer

Ost- und Süd-Österreich

Michael Liebl

West-Österreich, Bayern, Norditalien, Schweiz

DI Tino Reikerstorfer

Österreich, Weltweit